Vision, Mission & Action

The SDGs as a shared language to connect with, learn from, and support others.


As society shifts towards a greater focus on sustainability, people's search for employment is also changing. Previously, the idea of positively impacting the world through one's career was seen as unrealistic. Only recently, more and more individuals and organizations have understood the importance of sustainability and its potential for a morally, socially and financially rewarding career. Finding opportunities for impact-based employment has been challenging, as there was no clear framework for searching. Many job seekers have struggled to find job openings that align with their values by sifting through traditional job boards.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework for identifying areas of impact in which we wish to work or offer employment to others. They are easily understandable and provide a clear starting point for finding purposeful employment. Using the SDGs as a shared language, we can connect with, learn from, and support others on the same journey. It allows us to focus on our values and take action towards making a positive change. We aim to mainstream the SDGs and make them more widely known and accepted as a solid basis for finding and offering employment and a viable context for directing efforts towards a world that works optimally for all.


Our goal is to unite purpose-led individuals and organizations under a shared (SDG) goal. We aim to create a community and network of individuals who support the philosophy of "connecting with, learning from, and supporting others on the same journey." To achieve our vision and mission, we have developed the first-ever curated job board that connects the SDGs with employment opportunities. Additionally, we are creating educational tools and resources to support the community and raise awareness about the SDGs.

“After reading an article explaining how the COVID pandemic wiped out decades of progress on poverty, health and education, I wondered if I could translate the SDGs framework into something practical to help mainstream the goals and recover some of the time lost.”

– founder Adriaan Bouman